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Give Your Garden a Life with Garden Tools

Varied Garden Tools
Gardening for some is passion and for some it is the best way to pass time productively. In any case if you are working in your garden then you need some basic garden tools for easy gardening. Garden tools can be both power driven and used with hand.

Hand tools for garden are used since ages. At present hand garden tools are used for organic gardening as it does not cause any harm to the environment that is done by power driven tools. It includes spade, shovel shears, hoe, garden fork, plough, trowel and garden bucket. The earliest of garden tools were made from bone, flint and wood which later were replaced by copper, then iron and now steel.

Garden Shovel

Sturdy and strong garden shovel or spade is the first garden tool that is required for any type of gardening activity. Whether you are preparing new garden bed or planting any perennial crop you need a shovel. Use stainless steel shovel to avoid rusting. You can place this outdoor without any tension as steel shovel wont rust. Also the handle should be strong and good. The one made from ash wood is perfect for use as it has very good grip.

Garden Shears

You can buy the pair pruning garden shears at very low cost. As this is used to cut different kinds of plants so the garden shear must be cleaned before storing. To keep its blade sharp you can use alcohol to clean the garden shear. After this store this garden tool in the bucket full of sand and motor oil. This will keep the garden shear in a new shape for a very long period of time.

Garden Trowel

If you need something to dig a small space then get a garden trowel. Organic gardeners use the garden trowel across the year to keep the weeds out. You will get both aluminum as well as steel trowel. Aluminum garden trowel are less expensive than the steel but these bend easily and so cannot be used if the soil you are working upon is hard. Also the handle comes in either plastic or wood and no doubt that wooden handle has more grip than any other material.

Garden Bucket

If you have a small garden then you can buy the garden bucket and if the garden is big then you can purchase the wheelbarrow. You can use this garden tool for putting weed while cleaning the garden or can keep some water in it to use.

Garden Hoes

Garden hoes are used for keeping the weeds out and one of the very useful garden tools. Square, wide, bar-shaped, V-shaped are few of the types of garden hoes. It has a long handle of about 4-4.5 feet long with attached blade.
In addition to these lawn and garden tools, scoops, vegetable hooks and pickers, trimming tool, rakes and forks can also be purchased depending upon the need.

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