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Bars are essential hand tools used for pulling nails, prying, lifting and scraping. Bars are used in woodworking. They are in the shape of long rods with beveled ends. They are also known by the name nail pullers. The sharp teeth or beveled end of this tool are just suitable for slicing into the wood, taking out deep air-hammered nails, or finishing nails from a surface. They are specially designed for easy wedging so that wood damage in minimal or no damage at all. Bars are available in various lengths and sizes. The tips of bars are hot forged and heat treated and are either straight or bent to suit individual applications.

  • Forged steel
  • Tempered steel
  • Forged high carbon steel
  • Tempered high carbon steel
  • Forged and tempered brass alloy
  • Solid steel
  • Solid alluminum
Types of bars
  • Slate bars: These bars are mainly used in the coal industry. They are used for prying and pinching purposes. They have a blunt point and a bent chisel on opposite ends.

  • Scaling bars: Scaling Bars are used for "scaling" down or removing loose rocks from overhead in underground openings. These bars are usually lightweight but robust in construction.

  • Rock bars: Mainly used in stone work, rock bars are used to remove small and medium sized stones. They work as simple levers helping in the removal of rocks.

  • Pry bars/ Crow bars: These bars are used to pry and move objects using leverage. Usually heavy in construction, they typically include prying tips at one or both ends. Pry bars are suitable for positioning tasks in woodwork or for removing embedded nails. · Contoured bars: Contoured bars make pulling, scraping, prying and lifting of nails easier.
Features of bars
Bars are available in various sizes with different features. Some of the features in bars (not necessary that all of them will have the same features) are as follows:
  • Beveled nail slot on both ends
  • A bar rod with two jaws.
  • Typical construction has one jaw fixed, the other moveable with a screw type clamping mechanism.
  • Angle chisel on one end.
  • Angle chisel on both ends.
  • Straight chisel on one and angle chisel on the other end.
  • Usually have polished tips and beveled claws which helps in precision nail pulling and prying
  • Optional rubber hand grip etc.
Specifications to consider while buying bars are as follows:
  • Assembled Depth
  • Assembled Height
  • Assembled Weight
  • Assembled Width
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Length
  • Width

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