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Garden Fork

It is garden tool, which is used in container gardening to move small quantities of loose soil or for some weeding applications. Like the cultivator, a garden fork has three prongs that make it an ideal equipment for penetrating soil in compact areas. The garden fork can be made of either iron or steel. However stainless steel forks are generally preferred because of their superior beauty and strength. The fork has a cushioned grip that makes it easy to use while working.

The prongs in a garden fork are flat & wide and extend straight out from the handle. These garden forks have a long metal shaft above the blade that allows maximum leverage while trying to dig deep to remove a rock from the garden bed. The handle of the fork is D shaped, which ensures greater control and comfort. This design of garden forks makes them an efficient tool to lift and transfer small amounts of soil.

Garden forks have proved to be highly useful mechanical devices, which helps perform digging, cultivation, cutting and several other operations.

There are generally two basic types of garden forks -
  • Larger Digging Fork
  • Border Fork
The head of a digging fork is often 8 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches deep, while that of a border fork is 9 by 5 1/2 inches. The smaller size of a border fork makes it a suitable tool for more surgical digging in and around the existing shrubs and perennials. A border fork has also found to be better for smaller gardeners.

Garden Fork - Buying Tips
With different types and designs of garden forks available in the market, you can make a right buying decision, only if you properly know your requirement and the difference between different types of forks. To get maximum benefit from your garden fork, choose one that fits well in your hand and which you can use with comfort, ease and control over and over again. Generally, it is good option to invest in steel or stainless steel fork with 4 well-spaced, rounded, or angled prongs.

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