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Garden Pruner

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A garden pruner is a tool used to trim, cut off or remove the dead or living parts or branches of the plant to make it look more beautiful. Therefore a pruner helps to improve the shape or growth of a plant. A well-designed garden pruner makes the work easier and less time consuming. Similar to a large pair of scissors, a garden pruner can be used to trim and prune woody systems, especially on roses.This garden tool comes in three different varieties

  • Bypass garden pruner
  • Anvil garden pruner
  • Ratchet garden pruner
All these pruners are designed to work well for different types of pruning and trimming, and the selection of one depends on your application and your personal pruner preference. A brief description of these different types of pruners is given below -

Bypass Garden Pruner
Highly popular among gardeners, bypass garden pruners are designed with two circular blades similar to a pair of scissors. One blade in this pruner is very sharp and the other is dull that results in a clean and nice trimming every time you use it.

Anvil Garden Pruner
The functioning of an anvil garden pruner is similar to that of a knife slicing something on a cutting board. These pruners have only one blade and have found to be an excellent pruning tool for removing dead parts and items from your plant and garden. One drawback with anvil garden pruners is that they are bulky in size and hence it can be difficult to get them into tight spaces.

Ratchet Garden Pruner
Ratchet pruners are very similar to the anvil, however they come with an additional feature that allows the cutting / trimming to be done in stages. The tool provides a perfect solution for making difficult cuts in tight spaces.

Garden Pruner - Buying Tips
While purchasing a garden pruner, it is essential that you know what your need is, and how, different garden pruners work. By knowing your requirement, you can buy a right garden pruner. The cost of a garden pruner depends on the style and brand that you choose. If you do a lot of gardening, it would be a good option to buy a pruner that is specified as a heavy duty or for professional use. Opt for pruners, which are made using quality tempered carbon steel. Pruners with replaceable parts have found to be a good choice as they can be easily repaired.

For individuals with health problems, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel, consider buying a pruner, which has a cushioned handle to reduce the amount of pressure on hands. You can also find pruners especially designed for left-hand individuals.

As the garden pruners make the process of maintaining the garden easier and faster, they are considered to be a valuable tool for most gardeners. Hence it is important to be careful in purchasing a garden tool like a pruner to get maximum benefit of it. Try to get a feel of these tools before buying them. If it feels heavy, don't purchase it, as you will not feel comfortable while using them over and over again. An ideal pair of garden pruner should rest comfortably in your hand, cut nicely and be light enough for you to use them efficiently.

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