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Garden weeders are versatile garden tools that are now increasingly used in place of hoe and other gardening tools. The equipment was originally designed to remove weeds from garden. A labor saving tool, garden weeder is designed for weeding all types of surfaces and even the most hard ones, like a brick walkway. A garden weeder is designed with a long handle that provides ease of use without stooping over. An additional feature of a garden weeder is that, it also works as an ice scraper.

Multi prong foot lever garden weeders are also available in the market that offer the convenience of a foot lever, which presses the prongs together to grab the roots beneath the soil to a depth of around 3 - 4 inches. One of the main limitations of garden weeding tools is the length of prong that limits the depth of penetration and the size of root, which can be removed effectively. While buying such type of weeders, you can compare their performance with tools, which can reach deep into the soil for roots as long as 6-12 inches.

Garden Weeder - Buying Tips
A wide range of garden weeders is available in the market, which is due to the fact that there are a great variety of weed shapes and sizes and the variety of situations in which these misplaced plants are found. Hence while buying a garden weeder, it is very important that you properly know about your requirement and the different types of garden weeders available in market. Some people prefer complex tools with moving parts, while some like simple tools without any moving part and the selection of one depends completely on your personal choice.

If you have any health condition, such as a back pain or arthritis, your body may well tell you which types of tools you should look for. In the case, you are buying a weeding tool for a farm or land management operation, you should look for industrial grade tools, which suit the vegetation and terrain in your area

As a matter of fact, a single garden weeder cannot be used to remove all types of weeds and hence there are a variety of garden weeders. New tools are always coming in the market at regular intervals, which offer better performance. Hence, it is necessary that you may consider testing new tools to know, which one gives you the maximum benefit.

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