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Hand Tools Glossary

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A pointed device for piercing small holes.

A tool with a long handle attached to a sharp blade and used for felling trees or chopping wood.

Carpentry tool
Tools specially designed to wood work and used by carpenters is known as carpentry tool.

Available in different shapes and sizes, they are used to cut different materials.

Cutting tool
Tools used for cutting are collectively known as cutting tools.

A metal hand tool with a sharp beveled edge. It is used to cut and shape wood, metal or stone.

Claw hammer
Used to insert and remove nails and plugs, it is also known as a nail hammer or a carpenter's hammer.

Used for bracing objects or holding them together.

Do it yourself

Drill bit
Cutting tools used to create cylindrical holes.

Used as lubricating tools or stapling tools or simply for nailing.

A tool for striking or pounding.

Hand tool
A equipment held in hand and used to do many tasks.

A tool with a flat blade fixed at a right angle to a long handle and used for cultivating, weeding, and gardening.

A tool doing both the jobs as a hammer and as an axe.

Used for digging through hard packed soil and clay.

Measuring tool
This tool is needed to get a job done with accuracy.

A carpenter's tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing and leveling wood.

A tool with pivoted jaws and used for bending, holding, or cutting.

A tool for forcing a bolt, pin, or rivet in or out of a hole.

A hand tool with a thin metal blade used for cutting metal, wood or other hard materials.

These tools are used to drive in and remove screws.

A hand tool with a jaw and is used to fit a nut or the head of a bolt, and can also be used as a lever to turn it with.

A tool with broad blade or scoop for digging and moving material.

A sturdy digging tool with a thick handle and a heavy, flat blade that can be dipped into the ground with the foot.

Sharpening stone
A flat blade used for sharpening blades of hand tools.

A hand tool with a flat blade used for leveling, spreading or shaping substances.

Tool Box
A chest or a box for holding hand tools in a systematic manner.

A clamping device.

A hand tool, with fixed or adjustable jaws and used used for turning, gripping, or twisting hard to turn objects.

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