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The world hand tool market is estimated to be in excess of US$ 10 billion. We give below a study of the hand tool market of some of the major hand tools producing countries of the world:

Hand Tool Market of China
China has a long history of hand tools manufacturing. The value of China's exports of hand tools grew by 28% and it is still growing. Overseas shipments increased from US$493 million to US$630 million. On an average, there is a 20% growth rate of hand tools exports in the past several years.

Number of exporters 2800
Number of manufacturers 4000
Total exports US$ 630 million
Capacity utilization 80%
Export ratio 83%
Industry snapshot

Hand Tool Market of India
India has a competitive advantage in the hand tool industry compared to other countries because of easy availability of raw materials, entrepreneurship skills and skilled labor at competitive wages. The hand tool industry as a whole is witnessing a shift of manufacturing base from traditional manufacturing countries in Europe and Taiwan to the developing world and this is a good sign for India to benefit. There has been an average growth of 17% per annum of the hand tool market in India for the last 7 years.

Estimated No. of Units in India 2500
SSI Units 95%
Large Units 7
Estimated number of workers 25000
Major Manufacturing regions Jallandhar/ Nagaur
Total exports in 5215.5 million Rs.
Industry snapshot

US Hand Tool Market
The U.S. hand tool industry is estimated to be a $6.2 billion. Hand tool demand, including power tool in the United States is expected to rise 3.1% annually through, reaching $14.3 billion, according to a recently released report. There are more than 1,000 firms active in the U.S. hand and power tools industry, ranging from small, privately owned firms to major corporations like Stanley Works, Black & Decker, Bosch, Danaher and Snap-on etc. Infact these major companies accounted for nearly 55 percent of sales.

EU Hand Tool Market
The EU markets for hand tools and power tools belong to six major countries. They are as follows:
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy and
  • France

Total EU exports of hand tools amounted to € 6,436 million in . The major countries represented 77% of European exports of hand tools and power tools world-wide. In EU, there is an aggressive pricing strategy of unbranded products, especially in the DIY market segment. Mainly Chinese companies are developing this market with no-name products that are 25 to 50% lower in cost than an European product.

Consumption, exports and imports of hand and power tools in the EU,€ million
  EU Germany United Kingdom France Belgium The Netherlands
Total 12700 3150 1250 1210 950 600
  Hand tools 7500 1900 680 900   208
  Power tools 5200 1250 570 310   392
Exports 6436 2140 711 367 804 732
Imports 7544 1611 995 866 1034 746

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