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With the rapid advancement and expansion in the global trade, standardization of various products is very necessary. The standards given to various products help in expanding international trade which in turn bridges the quality gap between the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of different nations. In hand tools as well, standards play a vital role.

Need for Standards in Hand Tools
Standards are required in hand tools for the following reasons:
  • They provide performance requirements.
  • They provide safety requirements.
  • These requirements comprises the design elements, performance, uses, tolerances, and different configurations.
  • Standards are available for all types of hand tools like pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, striking tools, torque instruments etc.
  • The standards of hand tools include consideration of various classes and types of hand tools, and accessories.
  • These standards also include the various tests that are required to determine conformance with the safety and performance requirements.
B107 Standards
The B107 ASME series standard is given to various hand tools and accessories. The Committee of B107 Standards operate under the American National Standards Institutes's procedure. The B107 Committees are comprised of experts in the field of hand tools. These standards are published by ASME after being approved by ANSI and ASME. The B107 standards on hand tools cover the complete general and dimensional data for hand tools, including safety and other requirements.
  • B107.1- Socket Wrenches, Hand (Inch)
  • B107.2- Socket Wrenches, Extensions, Adaptors, and Universal Joints, Power Drive (Impact) (Inch Series)
  • B107.4M- Driving & Spindle Ends for Portable Hand, Impact, Air, and Electric Tools (Percussion Tools Excluded)
  • B107.5M- Socket Wrenches, Hand (Metric Series)
  • B107.6- Wrenches, Box, Angled, Open End, Combination, Flare Nut, and Tappet (Inch Series)
  • B107.8M- Adjustable Wrenches
  • B107.9M- Wrenches, Box , Angled, Open End, Combination, Flare Nut, and Tappet (Metric Series)
  • B107.10M- Handles and Attachments For Hand Socket Wrenches - Inch and Metric Series
  • B107.11M- Pliers, Diagonal Cutting, and Nippers, End Cutting
  • B107.12- Nut Driver (Spin Type, Screwdriver Grip) (Inch Series)
  • B107.13M- Pliers - Long Nose, Long Reach
  • B107.14M- Hand Torque Tools
  • B107.15- Flat Tip and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • B107.16- Shears (Metal Cutting, Hand)
  • B107.17M- Gages, Wrench Openings, Reference
  • B107.18M- Pliers (Wire Twister)
  • B107.19-(R98) Pliers, Retaining Ring
  • B107.20- Pliers (Lineman's, Iron Worker's, Gas, Glass, Fence, and Battery)
  • B107.21- Wrench, Crowfoot Attachments (Inch Series)
  • B107.22M- Electronic Cutters
  • B107.23M- Pliers, Multiple Position, Adjustable
  • B107.25M- Pliers - Performance Test Methods
  • B107.27- Pliers, Multiple Position (Electrical Connector)
  • B107.28M- Electronic Torque Instruments
  • B107.29M- Electronic Tester, Hand Torque Tools
  • B107.31M- Screwdriver, Cross Tip Gaging
  • B107.34M- Socket Wrenches for Spark Plugs
  • B107.35M-97 Nut Drivers (Spin Type, Screwdriver Grip) (Metric Series)
  • B107.38M- Electronic Pliers
  • B107.41M- Nail Hammers, Safety Requirements
  • B107.42M- Hatchets - Safety Requirements
  • B107.43M- Wood Splitting Wedges - Safety Requirements
  • B107.44M- Glaziers Chisels & Wood Chisels, Safety Requirements
  • B107.45M- Ripping Chisels and Flooring/Electricians' Chisels - Safety Requirements
  • B107.46M- Stud, Screw, and Pipe Extractors - Safety Requirements
  • B107.47M- Metal Chisels - Safety Requirements
  • B107.48M- Metal Punches and Drift Pins: Safety Requirements
  • B107.49M- Nail Sets: Safety Requirements
  • B107.50M- Brick Chisels & Brick Sets: Safety Requirements
  • B107.52M- Nail Puller Bars - Safety Requirements
  • B107.53M- Ball Peen Hammers - Safety Requirements
  • B107.54- Heavy Striking Tools - Safety Requirements
  • B107.55M- Axes: Safety Requirements
  • B107.56- Body Repair Hammers and Dolly Blocks - Safety Requirements
  • B107.57- Bricklayers Hammers & Prospecting Picks - Safety Requirements
  • B107.58- Riveting, Scaling, Tinners Setting Hammers - Safety Requirements

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