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Agriculture tools, also known by various names like lawn tools, garden tools, cultivating tools, digging tools are important tools used to carry out carry out cultivation and digging and all other functions that facilitate gardening and cultivation of tools. Agriculture tools or garden tools comprise a wide range of tools which can be hand tools and power tools. Most of these tools are usually hand operated implements that are used to improve and prepare land, as by plowing or fertilizing, for raising crops or growing plants. These hand tools help with tilling and eventually helps loosen or dig soil around. There are different tools to dig soil, cut & prune shrubs and trees, cultivate the soil. They are used for the maintenance and cultivation of greens. There are tools that are used for breaking up, turning over, or removing earth or sand and they can be termed as digging tools.

Agriculture/Garden tools are today not only essential hand tools for cultivators but they are also an essential part of hand tools kit used in homes by many to maintain a beautiful look of the home garden or lawn at the balcony or terrace. The earliest agricultural tools made up of wood are still very popular. Today there is much more enhancement in their manufacturing.

Types of garden/ agriculture tools
We give below the names and description of some other tools used in agriculture and gardening:
  • Solid-Shank Blade & Socket: Hot-rolled from one piece of metal with solid steel section at base of socket. Plain Back (strap socket): Hot-formed with two straps holding handle to back by welding.

  • Closed Back Socket: Hot-formed from sheet steel with extra piece of steel welded to back at base of socket. Hollow Back (open back): Hot-formed from sheet steel with opening at base of socket; may have turned or rolled steps for extra rigidity.

  • Garden Spades: Used usually for the purpose of digging in the garden, Garden Spades have square-point blades about 7" wide and 12" long with a 28" "D" handle. Some garden spades have a rolled shoulder on the top of the blade, so user can apply foot pressure in unusually hard or heavy soil.

  • Drain Spades: Drain Spades, also called Tiling Spades, are used primarily for digging ditches for tile installations. Round-point blades are 5 1/2" wide, 14" to 16" long and handle is 27" long.

  • Ditching Spades: Ditching Spades have square point blade 6 1/4" to 6 1/2" wide and 14" to 18" long, 27" handle and foot pedal. Good for use in heavy soil or rocky surfaces.

  • Sprayer tools: These sprayer tools are important agriculture tools used to eradicate pests and weeds from the crop fields which can help in resulting better yield.

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