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Plumbing tools are essential hand tools which are essential in home repair jobs related to plumbing. Many home repair tools can be used for plumbing fixes but it is to be noted that all plumbing tools are specialized tools. There are different types of tools designed for specific purposes. Plumbing tools are specialized tools that fit the job. For example, if you have a handle puller to pull tub , then you must also have a box end or hollow-core socket wrench. This is needed to remove packing nuts, which are easily distorted and becomes very difficult to replace. Again for tube cutting, you will need cutters and together with it you will also need flaring tools. You may also need globe or swing-check valves, torch kit, slip-repair coupling or tee, replacement tank, sanding cloth, tapping saddle, etc. Thus there are varieties of plumbing tools.

Why are plumbing tools required?
Plumbing tools are required to do a variety of tasks like as follows:
  • Repairing compression faucets.
  • Unclogging drains and waste lines.
  • Fixing leaking tanks.
  • Fixing toilets.
  • Installing pedestal sinks.
  • Changing a toilet seat.
  • Cutting of a Pipe
  • Bending of a pipe
  • Connecting pipes
Types of plumbing tools
As already mentioned, plumbing tools are many and varied.
  • We have pipe wrenches which are used to grasp pipes and other curved surfaces.

  • A pipe vise is needed when you want to cut, thread or ream pipe.

  • It is evident that whenever a pipe is cut, burrs are retained inside and outside the edges. A flat file is used to remove burrs from the pipe's outside while reamers are used to remove burrs on the inside.

  • There are pipe and tubing cutters to cut pipe quickly and make a clean , straight cut.

  • Pipe threaders are required to thread a pipe. This is done either by holding the pipe in a vise for hand threading when the threader revolves around it or for threading with the help of powered equipment.

  • A pipe vender is used to bend a pipe. The pipe vender bends the pipe according to the diameter of pipes.

  • There are some single-purpose plumbing tools like a plunger for clearing a clogged toilet or a spud wrench for fixing or removing a flush valve from a toilet tank.

  • There are plumbers putty to seal joints between drain pieces and fixture surfaces.

  • Plumbers tape is another requirement to improve water tight ability of the threaded end of pipe joints.

  • A plumbing snake another tool that is "snaked" into the piping of a drain or toilet so that it can clear a clog.
Most of the other plumbing tools can also be used for general home repairs. There are hardware and plumbing tools supply shops which give tools that are used once in a while for rent. On the other hand, you can buy few tools and store it in your tool box and used for varied purposes, including plumbing. For example, you can have a pair of pliers , an adjustable wrench, and screwdrivers, a plunger, a toilet auger etc.

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