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Pruning Saw

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A pruning saw is a garden tool similar to handsaw. The equipment is usually made of steel with a coated finish and is used for pruning trees. The equipment is designed with a non-slip grip that provides more comfort and ease while working. The functionality of a pruning saw along with its superior control and ease of use make it a preferred tool among gardeners.

Pruning saws have found to be ideal for pruning or removing branches that are too thick for loppers or when working in confined spaces. The blade in a pruning saw is curved and the teeth are ground so that it cuts on the pull stroke. Pruning saws have found to be ideal for one-handed operation and in applications where saw is used on an extended handle.

Pruning saws have found to be suitable for pruning branches with diameter more than 1 3/4 inches. Different types of pruning saws are available in market and the selection of one depends on your personal preference and the need of your application. Small tree branches, which are hard to reach from the ground, can be pruned using a pole saw or shears.

Chain saws are generally preferred by professionals for applications, such as cutting large tree branches. However these saws can be very dangerous if used by inexperienced people. To reduce the chances of injury, inexperienced gardeners should prefer pruning saws to the chain saws for pruning trees.

Buying Tips
While buying a pruning saw you should clearly know your specific requirement and the difference between different types of pruning saws available in market. Different types of pruning saws available in market are designed for different purposes and requirements and to get maximum benefit from your pruning saw it is necessary that you buy a pruning saw, which best suits your need. Look for lightweight saws that you can use with maximum comfort and control. It is a good option to buy a pruning saw with non-stick clad coating as it helps the blade to glide through even the most difficult materials.

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