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Types of Striking Tools
Tools used for the purpose of striking any hard surface such as metals or woods are known as striking tools. There are a wide range of striking tools of varied shapes and sizes. Most of these striking tools are hand tools with long or short handles. Striking tools are available in a broad range of non-sparking and sparking tools that include both soft faced and hard faced dead blow for use in every conceivable industry.

Features of striking tools
Nowadays, manufacturers and suppliers go for a perfect balance of ergonomic comfort, strength, durability, safety in striking tools. To provide maximum comfort, striking tools are manufactured with
  • A better user-fit
  • A choice of ergonomic grip styles
  • Less gripping effort and
  • Less “squeeze” even in moist or humid conditions.
Striking tools like hammers, chisels, punches are perhaps the most widely used tools. These tools are made with varying degrees of hardness and different configurations to be used for specific purposes. These tools are used not only in DIY projects but also by industry, railroads, foundries, contractors, automotive body men and hundreds of others. Each striking tool is designed for a particular job and should be used for that purpose only.

Most striking tools are made of finest alloy or carbon steels. They are properly heat-treated and forged and given proper finish for durability. Under proper use, these tools can perform the job safely and professionally. While the head or blade of these striking tools are of metal construction, the handles are made of various materials like wood, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass. While initially most of the tools had wooden handles, with time there were changes and plastic , fiberglass became popular.

While striking tools are the most popularly used tools, it is to be noted that they are the most abused tool as well because these tools can lead to various accidents while using them . Hence utmost importance should be given in their construction. It is advisable to discard any striking tools if the face and its edges display dents, chips, excessive wear, mushrooming or improper redressing. They can cause injury. For example: Never use a hammer having a damaged or a loose handle. Or you never redress chisels without the proper redressing instructions. It is better to wear safety goggles or hood while using striking tools.

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