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A toolbox is a box or chest or cabinet used for holding or storing hand tools in a systematic manner. In most cases, there are many manufacturers and suppliers who provide an entire tool box with an assortment of different hand tools used for different purposes. It can also be sold individually. A tool box can be both portable or fixed. The hand-held tool box is great for carrying the tools to any site. Toolboxes may be made of different kinds of materials and may come in a medley of designs and finishes. These tool boxes are very reliable and durable in quality, performance, materials and workmanship. Both special and common tools used by mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters can be found in tool boxes.

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass
Styles of tool boxes
Fixed tool boxes are the tool boxes or chests that are large, heavy and cannot be moved and usually fixed on to the wall like cabinet. These toolboxes are preferred in large workspace where the job requires the use of a wide variety of hand tools and power tools. They have built-in drawers and shelves. Chest-type tool boxes are usually used for storing larger tools, like specialized automotive tools or machinist’s tools, which requires a more permanent location.

There are small sized tool boxes or chests. They are lighter in weight with wide storage facilities. The can be carried from one place to place. Some come with attached wheels to make them more easy to move. They come with sliding drawers, storage trays and side handles. In some cases, the storage trays are in the shape of the hand tool so that each hand tool get its specified space.

Most of the modern tool boxes have the following features:
  • A toolbox may have a full length piano hinge or cantilever opening.
  • Properly plated latch and handle hardware.
  • A hemmed edge on the front lip of the box opening for extra strength.
  • The end panels have recessed channels to provide strength double as carrying handles.
  • The box can be colored with different finishes.
  • Rubber feet in each corner keep the boxes from scratching and sliding.
  • Built in storage space.
  • A removable tray may be provided along.
Types of tool boxes
Depending on the usage, a toolbox can be classified in to the following categories:
  • Mechanic’s tool box
  • Removable tray tool box
  • Cantilevered tray tool box
  • Machinist’s tool box
  • Chest of drawers tool box
  • Portable carpenter’s tool box

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