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For any DIY projects at home or for any kind of machining and fitting jobs, a workbench is needed to make your job more comfortable, easier and organized. To build your cherished projects, a proper workspace is needed and a workbench plays a vital role in it. Nowadays, many manufacturers and suppliers dealing with hand tools and accessories provide workbenches as well as a part of their products list. A sturdy table at which manual work is done, workbenches are available in varied sizes and styles.

Features of workbenches
Workbenches may look like simple rectangular shaped tables with flat surface with built in drawers and extra shelves for storing of hand tools. There are complex designs as well that may be considered as some tools in themselves. Workbenches are available in varied sizes. They can be made in small sizes like that used in jewelry making or they can take the shape of huge benches used by staircase makers. Design of the workbench mainly depend on the job but most of them have some common features like as follows:
  • A standard height which is comfortable for working with provisions for seated or standing work .
  • Provision to fix the workpiece or object to the table surface so that the work can be done with both hands.
  • Provisions for mounting.
  • Provisions for storing and accessing tools.
  • Added features:
    • Portable
    • Height adjustable
Different materials used to make work benches are as follows:
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone, and
  • Composites etc.
Materials for workbenches basically depend on the needs of the work.

Types of workbenches
There are different types of workbenches depending on the particular work they are designed to accommodate:
  • Multi-purpose/ Portable: They are the light weight portable benches which are collapsible, and have built in clamps and can be used for nearly all types of work.

  • Woodworking Bench: The woodworking bench is supposed to be one of the most important tool a woodworker can have. It can be used for general woodworking, cabinetmaking, pattern making, joinery, stair building, carpentry, carving or trim work. Made from solid wood, they have integral clamping mechanisms.

  • Metalworking Bench: For heavy work like grinding, light casting, welding, and forging, and layout, metalworking benches are needed. Usually these workbenches have provisions to mount a vise, drill press, stakes, and other handy tools.

  • Electronics Workbench: Such workbenches are used for assembly and repair of all sorts of electronic equipment. This include computer, home entertainment items etc. These benches along with shelves and task lighting, usually have sources of power built in.

  • General Repair Workbench: This is available in almost all family farms and also in small engine repair shops. These workbenches are used for cleaning, lubricating, sharpening, assembly, disassembly, and light metal work.

  • Fitting and Assembling workbench: Such workbenches are used by machinists, electricians, pipe fitters, handloaders, textile workers, and piece workers. They have layout space with built-in tools, and measuring devices to help the work.
Buying Tips
Workbenches are available in two basic forms: portable and permanent. Both types have several options available for them and their basic purpose is to insure safety and accuracy in your work. A well set up workbench helps to work faster and longer and hence needs to be chosen properly. Factors to consider before buying:
  • Know the available space. There are smaller benches, without much storage space, but perfect for cramped spaces. If you feel that the money investment and space will be returned over the next few years, go for a larger workbench to facilitate complex projects.

  • Know your tool list to determine the amount of storage space you need in a work bench. Purchase a bench having storage space for your existent tools and any tools you want to buy in the near future.

  • Prefer a workbench that has wheels.

  • Would you like to go for a finished look or unfinished look? Finished work bench gives an aesthetic look while in unfinished workbench you can give the finish that you like.

  • Carefully examine the workbench's construction before you select one for purchase.

  • Lastly, you can make one workbench at home instead of buying one. To make one at home the main considerations are job use, height, and comfort and of course cost.

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